potato, sweet

i ate a sweet potato.
one of those ones pre-wrapped that
are thrown in the microwave.

for seven-and-a-half minutes,
my microwave whistled as
steam screamed out of
plastic wrap.

it was really fucking irritating.

i ate the sweet potato
buttered and brown sugared
while watching preseason football

preseason football.
even more of a tease than
kissing with our clothes on

and i missed a few plays
thinking of how shadows play
over your carved abdominals.

likely the dishes are soaking in the sink

for no particular reason

which is what we usually say
when there are actually too many
reasons to explain why we do something

he turned to her and she
felt it and turned to him
maybe they were watching the game
or reposed and tangled on the sofa
or in separate parts of the same space

and he said ‘you are absolutely beautiful,
and i am the luckiest man alive. i love you.’

an unwavering voice
gentle and firm
heart beating loudly
in a quiet room.


today, i

got back the job i thought i’d lost
apparently the budget was not so
adversely affected

began prepping for teaching
a critical writing seminar
at a university

lifted weights twice
and focused on shoulders
this evening so washing my
face was a little shaky

dunked a basketball
played with my daughter
and made her dinner
played piano
researched a sports article
i’m going to write

and i made you smile.

so on the rating of goodness of this day
i rate it as a day, good.

my today

today, i

played and sang a lot
and drew some lines through
lists on yellow paper

oh! and i perfectly cooked
brown rice, which really
that’s just a fucking miracle

and caught myself daydreaming
of kissing your cheek* while
plucking out two dryer sheets
by accident before shoving one
sheet back in the box and realized
i was still thinking of kissing you
as i set the dryer timer, too.

*not like a peck but the
kind of kiss that lingers
lips to skin and usually
leads to more.**

**i haven’t folded the laundry
it’s still in the dryer.
it finished drying about six hours
ago, sorry.

for the record

for the record, the last time
i lost my dream job, i
spiraled into a three and
a half year depression
from which i only began
to heal in any noticeable
fashion just a few weeks ago.

today, i lost a new and bigger
dream job before i ever got to work
it, budget problems they told me
after hiring me in may and
scheduled to start last wendesday and
i moped for an hour and then
started applying for new jobs.

i’d say that’s a bit of improvement.

still sucked, though, let’s be honest
but i’m tired of being sad, so
let’s do this.