sixth date included a drag show after dinner with her folks

the drive to durham was about thirty minutes

and we parked two blocks from a townhouse

with thick christmas lights wound about white painted railings

her friend wore a glitter beard

i had on a tie which she

my woman not the bearded drag king

often used to pull my mouth to hers

fifth date included a storage locker

i told her about my Pepaw

in a red robin parking lot

in the subaru she bought herself.

she told me about her dog

the sweetest german shepherd

oh and i met her parents and her son

oh my god i’m laughing to myself

ok i met her parents and her son

i’m giggling harder gimme a sec

on the fifth date because they also

went to red robin like it was just totally

by chance and her son is eleven months old

and holy cuteness and i like her a lot.

a lot a lot a lot.

her son was eating broccoli and he looked

at me like ‘who the fuck is this guy hey

buddy here’s some broccoli i just spat out’

and he offered me slobbery broccoli and of

course i accepted it and he dropped that

shit right in my open hand.

oh and i stepped in a puddle approximately

six inches across and forty fucking feet deep

and this puddle was also the only puddle within

a 50 mile radius.

our server asked us if we’d like our gourmet* burgers

whiyth pahnk or whiythayout pahnk’

which almost ended in disaster

and did i mention i like her.

and she’s funnier than i am and she makes

me laugh so hard that my face hurts.

oh and she likes my laugh lines which is good

because she sees them often.


oh right and i finally got to see some

of her tattoos i hadn’t seen before.

her name is tara pronounced ‘tahr-rah’

i don’t yet know her well enough
to recognize her laugh or
pick her scent out of a

wait how would that even work
like would the scents line up behind
a two-way mirror

also, how does that work,
like did i use the correct term?
because a two-way mirror
if that’s the correct term
well that just sounds stupid
because it’s not two ways
one way sees a different thing
than the other

ok anyway,
would the scents line up
behind a two-way mirror and
step forward one at a time

so anyhoo,

i do know that
i make her laugh a lot
and she enjoys close proximity
to me
and so likely i will have her

her scent

shortly committed to memory.

ok so what’s my name again

i’ll go weeks and months without writing
or playing piano or singing and
sometimes i wonder
i guess i’m wondering right now

where does that stuff go when i don’t do it?
why do i sometimes feel like a crashing high tide
and other times so placid that i don’t even
realize my surface is still?

i feel strange realizing i am so full of life
and can feel so lifeless at other times
and not be sure which of me is me