the reason for sport

Davidson star Stephen Curry warms up for the M...

Davidson star Stephen Curry warms up for the Midwest Regional final against Kansas at Ford Field. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

my title is a bit of a cheat – there are multiple reasons for sports, but i’m a little prideful when it comes to writing, so i went with a definite article to sound authoritative.

* * *

i’ve had this idea dancing around in my head since my buddy tyler (here-to known as skinny-floor-lamp-tyler, or SFLT) and i went to the 1st and 2nd round ncaa tournament games at the then-rbc center in 2008.

tyler and i held season tickets to nc state basketball that season (the rbc – now pnc arena – was/is ncsu’s home arena for basketball), and state was terrible.  we saw a lot of s****y basketball that year, so we were excited about the potential of seeing some decent teams play.

davidson, a small college near charlotte, and star-player stephen curry were the underdog/local favorites, and the mostly neutral crowd slowly began to root for the wildcats to play the role of giant killers.

davidson overcame a silly-large deficit against gonzaga in their first game, and faced another seemingly-insurmountable margin against 2 seed georgetown in their second-round game.

then stephen curry happened.


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curtain call

unlit clouds part asymmetrically, an imperfect curtain drawn;
perhaps the pulley system has failed or is not properly installed
or the fabric of the night may simply have caught and bunched and refuses to cooperate.

the moon
her eyes adjusting to
the soft glow of the earth
shuffles, clumsy in the near dark

bumps the door frame on her way
to get a glass of water or
maybe simply shine over
some other city

and ducks again behind the curtain
behind the clouds
without even a courtesy bow.

so let’s talk about ‘the following’

Hannibal Lecter

hannibal lecter is unimpressed with ‘the following.’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


my sweet wife and i watched the pilot episode of ‘the following,’ and the next two episodes as well, making a total of three (see?  i can do math!).


lemme tell you what i think.






the show had immense potential.  huge.  ginormous, if you will.  kevin bacon is a solid lead – no complaints there.  same for whoever the plays the bad guy – the oddly handsome and dirty looking creep who mirrors hannibal lecter if hannibal lecter sucked and wasn’t really scary.


plus:  there is no jodie foster to make us feel awkward.


anyway,  i have two major complaints about the show:


1)  the ‘network television drama includes a spoon and a bib for its viewers’ complaint




2) the ‘we’re not really good writers, so we’re going to rip off eddie a. poe and rely on shock violence (mostly against women) because we have no real clue what the f*** we’re doing’ complaint Continue reading