candy candy candy

U.S.A. Confectionery

there is only one correct choice. (photo credit: beechwood photography)

let’s talk about candy.

  1. i love candy
  2. i don’t allow myself to eat it often (this figure is not an accident),
  • because if i eat it while hungry, imma eat all of it
  • so i don’t often have candy on-hand.

so when i do walk the candy-line, i have to make a wise choice – there is nothing so heartbreaking as spending calories and about 70 cents on the wrong candy selection.  if i make a faulty decision and attempt to quench my candy craving with the wrong candy, one my heart and palate ultimately reject as unsatisfactory, it haunts me,

a sweet specter
flickering through the darkness of my inner-self,

the weight of this knowledge, that i don’t really get a redo, forces me to pace the candy aisle wearing the mask of a grim, focused countenance.  my eyes narrow, my breath shortens, my knees bend ever-so-slightly,

and i reach for my go-to, the candy that has not once failed me,

the rolo.

-the rolo can be purchased in a roll, or a bag in which the candies are individually wrapped, making it an easy candy with which to travel.
-the rolo can be eaten quickly, an initial bite and a few chews, or savored.
-the rolo is a humble candy, always present when needed, but without the bravado of the m&m or the snickers bar.

my heart may grow wild when the moon is full or the tide laps high upon the shore, and perhaps i will be reach for sour gummy worms on a whim or pull-n’-peel twizzlers, when i forget that they leave me utterly disappointed,

but the rolo, my sweet hosea, will always find me and remind me that it holds my undying love.

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