draw your lines in sand

the only line i know i won't erase

the only line i know i won’t erase

do not be afraid to
erase the lines drawn around you
be they your own artwork or
that of others who have decided
it is their right
or responsibility
to tell you to color inside these lines.

draw your lines in sand and be willing to erase,
and draw again and erase
and draw again.

find your line – the Truth of you (for many, this is Faith.  for me, it is Love, which does not necessarily remove Faith from the equation) – and draw that line with surety, etched into the heart, and let all of the other lines come and go.

struggle with this – to step outside my comfort zone, even in the most casual scenario.  it is a major victory if i make a follow-up phone call.  keeping my mouth shut in certain situations can seem . . . impossible for the impulse of me, and when i do manage to still my tongue, to erase that line of ‘impulsivity’ for just a moment, i grow a bit more and have to rearrange the lines i’ve drawn around myself.

to borrow a line from ‘lost’ character john locke, do not tell me what i cannot do.  do not tell yourself what you cannot do.

there are few liars more satisfying to expose than oneself.

make a liar out of you,
and take a swing, at least,
at the things you think you cannot do.

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