the six word short story

the six word short story/six word memoir idea is not my own.

according to some legendary accounts, hemingway was once challenged to write a short story in six words.

the legendary response?

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

smith magazine invited readers to submit personal six-word memoirs in a similar style, a literary cousin to post-secret, which is brilliant, because most of the work was done by the readers themselves.

i considered adding a forum feature to the site in order to invite people to write their own six-word short stories or memoirs, but,

let’s be real, here,

moderating a forum (which, on a site that averages tens of hits a day would be teeming with life, right?) is something i just don’t feel like doing.

i’m gonna take a swing at a six word memoir just below, and i invite y’alls to comment with one or eight of your own.  i like these because each one can stand alone – tiny capsules of the entirety.

* * *

‘the teacher with the wry smile’

was once my memoir.

‘has a tendency not to follow directions’

has my sweet wife nodding firmly.

* * *

i got intimidated by the idea of a six word short story.  look for it in an edit or a comment on my own post.

again, please comment with your own – i’d like to read them, and i’ll feel quite let down if nobody takes a swing.  

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9 thoughts on “the six word short story

  1. Though daunted, he forged ahead anyway.

    Raining. She would have loved it.

    Light, at last, split the clouds.

    Finally, with relief, he gave up.

    I suppose I could throw in a memoir, too:

    Too curious for his own good.

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