(later than it should be) friday youtube free-for-all

so the problem with claiming to start a trend is that expectations are planted, little seeds of responsibility,

and then next friday rolls around, i look up from an emotionally drunken haze between acc tournament sessions, and i realize i’ve let down all eight (8) of my loyal readers and/or my mom by not following through with a second friday youtube free-for-all.

this is why it’s near-deadly to label anything a ‘first annual,’ because juuuuuust enough people might be dying for the second annual pineapple cork-board finger-painting festival to throw a fit when it doesn’t happen in year two.

* * *

i linked a key and peele sketch in a post earlier this week (and was rightfully questioned on my selection by my brother in-law) and realized they deserve their own post.

who are key and peele, you might ask?  the quickest introduction i can give you is to suggest watching the video, but i’ll also explain why i value them so much as a comedic tandem.

their humor is brave – much like chappelle, they don’t shy away from racial tension or stereotypes, but they also . . . hm . . . they’re honest.  

i’m nodding to myself.

their humor tells the truth but it isn’t always just a funny truth.  the sketch i selected might be my favorite video/film/clip/anything because it’s funny, it’s surprising, and . . . it’s almost sad.

i also think (i’m still nodding, which either means i’m killin’ it right now or way off based and haven’t yet realized it) what makes this show different is the ability to challenge the viewer while also laughing with the viewer.  as an audience member, my expectations are challenged but the guys telling the joke are on my side.  they aren’t trying to make me look foolish, but they clearly have a message in most sketches that goes beyond just cracking a joke.

these guys tell the truth,

they’re clean(er than most sketch shows like this),

and they’re damn funny.

* * *

i love this sketch because it explores an angle on bullying that is often ignored or . . . forgotten about – the ‘why’ of bullying from the perspective of the bully.  it’s funny.  and it’s teetering on authentically emotional while the bully makes expository statements about himself while still getting high-fives from his buddies.

the make-or-break is that the bully keeps a straight face and still gets high fives.  it’s a simple addition to the joke/mood of the sketch, but without it, the bravery of the humor is lost – then, it’s just a public service announcement.  the high-fiving also covers a second criticism/truth about bullying – the enabling of the crowd mentality, the unwillingness of ‘friends’ to see the depth of someone that’s hurting.

and this is a comedy sketch.

just . . . excellent.  greatness manifested in a two minute video.

* * *

bonus videos that i won’t be discussing but show a wider scope of key and peele’s humor.

suburban zombies

obama’s anger translator

Logo wire

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