‘i know.’

one of my favorite things (and there are many, so i’m kind of cheapening my own excitement) about language is the inverted ability for a minimum of words to have a great meaning.

that greatness of meaning can be in superlative, but it can also be in scope – a broad spectrum for a sentence so narrow.

‘i know.’

i always struggle to decide where i want to begin parsing and deconstructing my sentences, so we’ll start simple and list off some parallel sentences.

‘i guess’
‘i see’
‘i understand’

close?  maybe.

. . . no.

‘i guess’ is cheap.  ‘i guess’ means ‘i don’t want to actually make a decision’ or ‘i’m not really listening.’

‘i see’ is better, but still wanting.  ‘i see’ most likely means ‘i see your point of view,’ but is no guarantee that the point of view is understood or respected.

‘i understand’ is the strongest of the three parallel sentences to ‘i know.’  ‘i understand’ slides closer to a sharing of ideas or hearts, but even still, ‘i understand’ usually sounds more like ‘i respect your argument’ or ‘i see why you feel this way.’

understanding, to me, at least, is not knowing.

i understand things like rules (. . . do you, joel?) or ideas,

know truth.  i know the story told by a shift in body language or tone.  i don’t have to understand it, i don’t have to ask ‘are you sad’ or ‘are you happy’ – i know it already.

so, ‘i know’

matters.  those aren’t words tossed about, socks with no partner, tumbling dry.  ‘i know’ means ‘i know you.’

***i’m getting a little giddy, so stick with me.  i plan to come crashing to an abrupt ending after i wear myself out in the next few lines***

‘i know’

-today was hard for you
-you’re better than this
-it’s going to be ok
-what you did
-why you did it
-you’re doing the best you can
-i Love you
-you Love me
-i forgive you
-rooting for state is a bitch

i don’t guess today was hard for you,
i don’t see that you Love me
i don’t understand that you’re doing the best you can

i know it.

han solo wasn’t playin’ around when he replied with those words to that bagel haired woman.

‘joel, you’re a dork for referencing star wars in your post.’


‘i know.’

One thought on “‘i know.’

  1. nice article. Fun fact: Harrison Ford changed the script. Lucas originally put in ‘I love you too’, but Ford thought it didn’t fit well. Guess he agreed with you 🙂

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