as the ocean

as the ocean

as the ocean throws himself upon the shore
he hopes this time, maybe this time, he’ll take hold.
as the ocean throws himself upon the shore,
he hopes this time that the moon won’t call him home.
as the ocean throws himself upon the shore,
his white-capped words are echoes at her feet.
as the ocean throws himself upon the shore,
and he breaks and he breaks and he breaks,

i am breaking over you.

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there are no accidents

this post is a follow up/part two to ‘boys to men,’ but i have a small confession that needs to be addressed before i continue delving into the raw depths of the human heart.

i’m pretty sure ‘kung fu panda’ has influenced a little too much of my world-view.

in order to keep some trade-secrets (and whatever self-respect is left in the tank) to myself, i won’t go into detail.  i just . . . i just had to say it.   Continue reading

boys to men

this post is the first of two-parts. this post will focus on the tragedy of boys who cannot or choose not to be men.

the second post will focus on my firm belief that there are no accidents, using this post as a point of reference.

* * *

i told my sweet wife the following story, and she supports the use of it to provide context for the argument i would like to make.

she mentioned wondering if my pending status as a father-to-be might have inspired the actions i took and my intent to write this piece. i think she’s right.
* * *
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initially, i felt stunned – a natural reaction, i think,  to receiving an alert reading ‘police investigating explosions near finish line of boston marathon; reports of injuries’ on my phone.

then, i felt frightened, remembering that my uncle ran in the marathon, and my aunt and cousin were in boston with him.

then, i felt relief, openly weeping, when i learned they were safe.

then, i felt guilty, because my family was ok and other families, surely, were not as fortunate,
and i felt guilty because i was reacting emotionally while standing in raleigh – that i might have been making this a ‘me’ thing instead of an ‘us’ thing.

then, i got mad.

and i’m still mad.

because this is a ‘me’ thing, and this is an ‘us’ thing. Continue reading