things i can remember

things in can remember almost immediately or with minimal prompting:

-kenny rogers threw a perfect game in 1994 for the texas rangers.
-nc state center todd fuller wore jersey number 52.
-my wedding anniversary is july 26th, 2008.
-almost any simpson’s quote/reference that fits into almost any context.
-song lyrics from ‘the music man’ in which i played charlie cowell in 1993.
-where the best fried-food stand at the nc state fair is located.
-how many children the woman who works at the hess gas station on highway 401 has (3).
-the year of my favorite version of john madden football (’96, sega genesis).
-my sunglasses when it’s cloudy.
-hearing about the introduction of the double-decker taco while in a beach cabin on a youth retreat.
-where i was standing when i realized what happened on 9/11.
-that michael jordan played minor league baseball for the birmingham barons.
-on which shelf my great-grandmother kept american cheese in her fridge.
-the smell of church fellowship halls (don’t even act like that isn’t a thing).
-where in the house i was when my pepaw first showed me he could wiggle his ears.

things i struggle to remember or forget with severity:

-to turn off the oven.
-to roll up the windows.
-which bathroom is the men’s.
-where my friend will lives.
-to defrost the anything.
my sunglasses when it’s sunny.
-my wife’s birthday is july 28th, two days after our anniversary on july 26th.
-how much that pisses her off.

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