dear film directors,

when someone hangs up the phone

there’s no dial tone.

* * *

drawstring, i must pee!

so, curs-ed knot, untie!

as i tap-dance here.

* * *

would you rather be

left to your own devices

or screw up with me?

One thought on “haikuesday

  1. So. I love your first and third haikus. First one–so true. It’s like the director’s don’t even pay attention to real life in their zombie/alien/die hard 18 movies. But well said. Your third one I think fits you perfectly. I actually really like it a lot.

    The second one–aren’t there 5 syllables in the last line of a haiku? I count four. Unless you really hold out that “There’s.”

    Also, just a general reflection on Haikus: Do you think all this time Ryu was just asking opponents to read him poetry?

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