it’s a post

sweather‘ should be a short-form word for ‘sweater weather.’

example:  ‘i was a little worried i’d be hot in this pullover, but it’s totally sweather today.’

blahg blahg blahg‘ should mean some blogger is going on way too long about something the enlightened readers don’t care about.

example:  ‘joel, i read your ‘it’s a post’ post, and all i could think was ‘blahg blahg blagh.’ you need to tighten things up and start blogging about your baby/daily errands/how great you look shirtless.’

* * *

the ‘uh oh, i’m too drunk to make good choices’ card:

much like people have ‘do not resuscitate’ orders or their drivers licenses indicate being organ donors, the drunk card helps make decisions for a cardholder who is inebriated beyond the ability to make good choices.

the card will be stored in the wallet or electronically in the drunk card app.

examples of instructions could be,

‘take me to the club.’
‘do not take me to the club.  put me to bed.’
‘hydrate me.’
‘delete the phone number of anyone i should not be drunkenly calling/texting from my contacts.’
‘put me on the sofa, turn on the tv.’

this way, friends have a greater chance of not totally ruining someone’s night even more than it’s already potentially been ruined.

i really think this can work.

One thought on “it’s a post

  1. I’m going to use Blagh Blagh Blagh in REAL LIFE next time you start to annoy me. Cause it kinda sounds like an old Jewish lady trying to say “Blah” over and over. And it’d be hilarious to get you to shut up in feminine old Jewish voice.

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