nc senate bill 402

an open letter to the nc senate:

* * *

dear senators,

i was flipping through  bill 402 for some light reading, and i found three lines that struck me as rather important.  surelythese three lines weren’t buried within an over-400 page document in hopes they might just slide by, right?  for your convenience, dear senators, i copied and pasted the words here. Continue reading

i see no whispered ‘maybe’

a short preface:  i hate math.  math hates me.  i took algebra II twice in high school, not because i failed it the first time, but because i refused to take a higher level math afterwards.  i can swing simple on-the-fly arithmetic if it involves sports, but that’s usually situational and a sign that i’ve memorized potential outcomes based on now-decades of following scores and statistics.

so i do not write this piece as one unbiased against math.  i recognize the need for it and respect it in theory, much like i respect distance running but will never ever try it, but i do not and will not like math. Continue reading

she refused patience

her pleas fell unanswered for days-almost-weeks,

muffled distorted splintered and caught in the curtains



she refused patience,

returning day-after-day

again calling

again protesting

again declaring

i am here here i am.

again unheard

again unseen.


she wondered

i will never again be heard.

before shaking her head

and laughing at herself

at her flickering doubt.

weary of protesting,

she simply rose and crossed the room

and drew the curtains open.

the rain stopped.

steam rose from the sidewalk

daisies shielded yellow eyes

clouds and curtains melted from her sight.