i drove home alone,

turning up the radio

for some company.

* * * 

‘what sets us apart 

from animals, cold blooded?’

‘ . . . ironed shirts, i’d say.’

* * * 

‘well, what is she like?’

‘impossible.’ ‘how is that?’

‘she knows i love her.’

lined pajama pants

i sat down to write you a poem.

needless to say, i did, because here it is, but i am not sure how i feel of its quality.

the problem, dear, is i had the television on,

and i also suffered from the hunger, slightly,

and have we discussed how my hands get cold easily this time of year?

poor circulation is my guess.

so, i wanted to write you a beautiful poem

and what happened is this little mish-mash of proesetry

written while i wear lined pajama pants on a Sunday night, in my living room,

one lamp on, the other off, because i plugged it into the wrong outlet a week ago and am too lazy to fix it.

Love Unfeigned

kinda disappointed this wasn’t my poem.

this entire site is scary good – so much so i’m actually pitching it, and i am *loathe* to promote anyone other than myself, he said humbly.

found it by accident while looking for website title ideas involving ‘oak city.’ it’s apparently brand new, which means i missed out on the awesome title by a few hours.

kinda irked about that, too.

but really, this ish is legit.

have i made this enough about me, so as to share the spotlight?


the 12:05 to chicago

the train was late.

he snapped his watch closed, pocketed it, and rocked back onto his heels

his friend remained seated on the bench, idly leafing through a glossy magazine, only reading headlines and colored, full-page advertisements.  turning the page to a voluptuous cartoon woman selling eyeliner, he asked,

‘say – what do you think is the most dangerous animal?’

the standing man, now on the balls of his feet, did not turn while adjusting his cuffs and asked, ‘how do you mean?’

‘i just read this story about circus tigers, and-‘

‘you never read the stories.’

‘yes, fine, i just read a headline about circus tigers turning on their trainers in iowa. tigers seem a rather dangerous animal, and i got to wondering what you might think is the most dangerous animal.’

‘without question a man impatient and in love,’ said the standing man, again eyeing his watch and the notable absence of the train.