here’s what i would draw if i could draw.

            sloppy wording, sorry – if i could draw well.

i would draw an elephant. 

            the profile, i think 

            maybe like those hand drawn silhouettes i’ve seen on walls in other houses.

that might be a fun picture to draw, 

a silhouette of an elephant,

            and i might see if someone would hang it on a wall
            in the midst of other family silhouettes

of people, mind you, amongst silhouettes of people – of family members

            to see if anyone would notice or mention,

‘hey, robert, i’ve been to your house a lot in the last eight years, and maybe i’m crazy,
but is the silhouette of an elephant new?’

and if this exchange happened, i would hope hypothetical robert would play it cool and say something like,

            ‘oh, that’s eric.  he’s on my wife’s side of the family.’

before quickly steering the conversation to other places.

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