‘you can leave your shoes by the door’

who do you think you are

taking up so much space

leave me some room, at least

to remember the errands i’m supposed to run

and where i parked

the rest of me is yours

of course the first line is a tease

you were invited over and

i left a key above the door for you

apologies for the clutter

i tend not to write things down

see, there’s the project due at work

and that’s the laundry i’ve forgotten to fold

and that bench in the corner

the bright blue one with orange cushions

where i keep things i intend never to forget

would be a good place for you, i think

if you get restless, feel free to wander

and i probably won’t notice if you rearrange things

and, honestly, you’ll probably leave me better than when you arrived

i’m glad you’re here

let me know if you need a drink or a snack

or an entertaining memory for you to rummage through.

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