most likely at topsail though i’m not sure

when i was eight

a wave caught me and dragged me under

well actually she swept me up from the ocean floor

my feet and body entirely unanchored


i was entirely at her mercy

she rolled and dragged me and my body was not my own and she owned me


she took me

and so i fought free and she has never claimed me since

the ocean herself the world’s most powerful muscle
not even she could take and keep me

and you

you own me like the ocean
you catch me in your teeth
and shake me about and

i want you to.

it is a joyful thing.

that’s all.

a figure eight of sorts

‘this is odd’ he said aloud

‘how do you mean’ she said

they were planets, by the way.

‘it seems i am orbiting you’ he confessed a bit shyly.

‘well come to think of it’ she mused ‘i seem to be revolving around you as well.’

‘your gravity is wonderful’ he whispered, a red tinge in his blushing atmosphere.

‘so is yours’ she smiled.