wingspan of a fox

today was a hard day, darling.

your daddy did many things

and isn’t entirely sure if he did


of those things as well as he could

or should because

well how on earth do we measure such things


sometimes your daddy feels as if

all he can do is walk into walls while

a door stands open how on earth did he miss it


today, goodness, today was one of those days

lots of up close and personal with drywall

and maybe you noticed because on your way

out of a door you turned to daddy who was on the floor

gathering our legos and you

waltzed in zipped pink cowgirl boots

plunged through scattered remnants of a plastic tower

and flung tiny arms as wide as could be

and i decided to measure this day

in the wingspan of a fox

and her grip around my neck.

today was a great day, darling.

i love you,


once was and still is

i was thinking just now of ice and how
ice was water and ice is water
i was thinking how water
from water to ice or i guess also
to water vapor but i was really
focusing on ice because
it’s winter and it’s sleeting outside.


i was thinking of how ice
is but also was water
and vice versa
as in, let’s say

i had a glass of ice cubes and
they melted
while i was out of the room and
i entered the room again and
i might say
‘huh, i had a glass of ice
and now it’s water.’

i guess what i’m saying is
i think it’s kinda neat how
a thing can remain itself
while still becoming something else.