be brave.

when you walk into that classroom tomorrow

be brave. there is a reason you are in that room.

every single student you will meet

from your first day until your very last

needs you. and the ones who seem like they

don’t are the ones who need you the most.

be brave. there is a reason you are in that room.

trust your gut, make eye contact, smile a lot

and be who you already are – the teacher

those students need because

there is a reason you are in that room.

cumulonimbus cloud cover

he stood alone in empty space

stars and moon and sky cloaked
in cumulonimbus cloud cover

unaware he was a tower of
unspent fuel oak and ash and elm

ah there is the gush of
cool air lapping over warm

assuming he was only spent coals
because it was dark and he could see

she entered the clearing
almost as if by accident
her eyes alive and
rippling laughter and
beating heart

and with eye contact she
struck and flicked the match
with such lovely fingers
and his fire caught and

echoed off the dark
above and how he
burned high and hot

so much so that when
the sky broke open summer storms
crashed over them and


as steam a molecular phoenix.


Sweet Girl,

i will never meet you
and you are so lovely
and so brave.

i will be honest,
i don’t understand.

i’ve known your parents
a very long time.
i was their friend
when they realized
they loved and love
each other.

one time they hugged
each other for something like
thirty seconds when i was
with them in the kitchen
just the three of us and
it was beyond awkward
but that’s how they
have always loved each other.

and, i can only assume,
it’s how they will love you,


i love you, Sweet Girl.

i’m sorry you never got
to go home
but from what little i do
understand, you are Home.

we are very sad here
and i am so very sad
for my friends and


it’s just very sad.
sometimes that’s the
most honest thing to say.

we are happy you are Home
and sad you are not home.

we love you, and goodnight.