how i admire her

i spent the 10 o’clock to whenever-i-publish-this-o’clock hour(s)

researching prefixes and suffixes of
metalic ions because i wanted to write
a proesm about some woman i know


and wanted to use the literary device of metaphor
aptly to compare her to metal but like see i was gonna
create a ‘new’ metal by taking


her first and middle names and adding
the appropriate suffix within chemistry nomenclature
for the molecule/ion/whatever
that is most like her


* * *

  1. i learned more about chemistry and molecules and ions and stuff in the last seventy-five minutes than i ever did in high school or college. probably because i’m on two types of adhd medication now and since i’m researching in regards to a really hot woman who likes having sex with me, i’m a bit more inspired
  2. after deciding which metallic/chemistry ionic whatever ‘thing’ was most like her[1. she’s an anion, i didn’t like how any of those suffixes looked or sounded. seriously i can’t be writing a piece about how friggin’ amazing she is while utilizing the suffix  ‘-ide’ or ‘-ate’. we’re not savages, people. so, obviously, since all of that research for the perfect word resulted in the perfect word not being aesthetically pleasing, i just ditched the idea
  3. i decided that the ‘piece’ – the miracle of creation driven by my awe and reverence to the woman she is every minute of every day –

like, seriously, ya’ll,

asleep on the couch
buried in a furry blanket
sick and exhausted and spent
herSelf inspired me to spend an hour and fifteen minutes
researching chemistry
(i found this page in purdue university’s chemistry dept to be most helpful)
in hopes of harnessing an idea
intending to express

how i admire her.



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