ok, so who is this guy?

my name is joel.

a glossary of terms/philosophy:

lowercase:  i like the way it looks, and it allows me to Capitalize for emphasis (see how ‘Capitalize’ stands how amongst the plebs of lowercase words?  i do too!)  i enjoy treating my capitalized words as slightly different – usually more ‘important’ or powerful – iterations of the lowercase word.

‘joel, we need an example!’

fortunately, i have one prepared for just such a moment!

Love:  the love.  sacrificial, that of a father to his child, of God to His people, of the most dear friends, etc.  Love is it.  the beginning and the end – the most powerful, beautiful, true noun on this earth.  Love is, Love acts, Love serves, Love will never fade or burn out because of time or emotion or the other fallacies of us.  ‘i Love you’ is a promise forever, no matter what unfolds between the moment it is spoken and the ever.

feel free to say it often.

love:  what i consider the sacrificial commitment of romantic love.  ‘i love you’ is a powerful thing to say and to hear between a couple.  it raises the stakes because it means, ‘i will love you even when i do not feel in love with you.’

in love:  the emotion – the feeling of love.  in love is the burning fire, climbing into the night sky, hungry to grow and pursue.  love and Love are the wood and the oxygen, respectively.  feeling in love is fun, but feeling in love while loving and/or Loving is real.

‘ instead of ” marks:  get over it.  ” marks are ugly and i don’t like them.  i’ll only employ them if i need to quote within a quote.  so get the f*** over it.

personification:  will usually deserve a capital letter.

hate:  is a strong word.  i have learned (through the sage wisdom of my sweet wife) that i struggle to ‘hate’ a person once i come to know him or her – after pursuing that person’s point of view. now, i don’t always like people once i get to know them.  but i can at least nod and say quietly to myself, ‘i see where you’re coming from.’

advice that was not sought: get to know people you think you hate or dislike. at least prove yourself correct or give that person the opportunity to prove you wrong.

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