as the East loves the Sun

This view of Earth's horizon as the sun sets o...

(photo credit: wikipedia)

the Sun swept across the plains

     her journey the same as the day before
     and the day before
     and the day before
a weak smile trembled on her lips
as she crossed over iowa.
the smile held through california,
but the tremble broke, and
she she wept openly over the pacific.
for her, you see,
every day is one day,
and she must stand
simply stand
alone in the dark.
she may never rest for
sydney and
london and
oslo and
need her
need her.
the East turned to the Sun this day;
today, both his and hers,
and sensed her sadness on his shores.
as she brought his day to light,
he swore to the Sun this oath,
* * *
i will always love you, always be here when you pass. i will never leave you or abandon you before you’ve shined your last. i look forward to the promise that will always end in you. i will wait for you forever because that’s all i know to do.
* * *
the Sun had never heard her name,
or a rhyme scheme built for her,
and her day
her long day
her day that never set
now held a promise that the East had made,
a promise that he kept.

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