to my scarlet(t) fox,

i just love my little girl.

i love her laugh

i love her eyes

i love how her face becomes a mixture of

mashed potatoes and popeye

when she is overjoyed to see me.

i love that she hits things as a sign of affection

and interest

i love that she needs to touch thisthisandthis

and maybe this

and this too and

no darlin’ those are scissors.

i love how she drops her chin

and throws that right eyebrow up

when we share a joke.

i love that she made me

more of me

i love how she loves me

and i miss her when she goes to sleep


i wish i could stay home with her every single day.

to my scarlet(t) fox,

i love you.

yes, i am sure.

yes, those two bottom teeth are adorable.

yes, i cannot wait to wake up and see you before i go to work.

i love you good morning good night,

i love you,



‘oh – there goes dad – i’ll get the wet-dry vac’

love looks like
a father of a father
who suddenly no longer smells of cigarettes
melting into the living room carpet
his laughter alive and intermingling
with chirps and grinning gurgles
of his baby daughter, grand.