fifteen days from now,

i’m giving my sweet daughter

a plush elephant.

* * * 

slim fit jeans for men;

ambitious if not slightly

snug in some places.

* * * 

how my thoughts grow full

when they echo dance and bounce

off the walls of you.  



a bright crash of light

quick flickerings of thunder;

awkward imagery 

* * * 

river asked the shore

‘do you like my company?’

‘shore i do,’ he joked.

* * * 

i will hold you, dear,

and carry you forever,

with arms built for you.


as winter whispers,

impatiently – in the wings,

fall takes center stage

* * * 

‘do you have some gum?’

he paused, not wanting to share.

he buckled. ‘i do.’

* * * 

he lowered his pen,

placed the deed in her small hands,

and said, ‘i am yours’.




we had a baby

which is pretty cool i guess

her name is scarlett

* * * 

government shutdown,

lemme speak now what i think;

y’all are furlough s***

* * *

’tis most ironic

i so large and you so small

how you keep me safe