the watched pot theory

perhaps one of the most surprising truths of this world, and one i apparently refuse to learn, is the near-impossibility to find what it is i actively seek.

the whole ‘a watched pot never boils’ idea (which is a lie.  it just takes a while and makes me really antsy), ya know?

i’m a pro when it comes to finding four-leaf clovers.  come spring, when the most charming of weeds creeps over the sidewalk in my front yard, it’s nearly impossible for me to walk outside for more than a few minutes without seeing one.

but the thing is,

i see them when i don’t mean to.  i’ll casually look down mid-conversation or mid-stride and spot a four-leaf clover, snatch it up, present it most properly to my sweet wife, who will then casually ball it up and drop it the moment i forget i handed it to her.

if i go looking for four-leaf clovers, however,

i cannot find them. Continue reading