i believe that the lie
most often told to
ourselves is i don’t
know almost always we
do know we just do
not know how to say
whatever it is we know
or yet how to find
what it is that we know
or feel comfortable
expressing or willing
to deal with the
discomfort of thought
stirring up dust in
rooms we have learned
to avoid

noun verb qualifier > noun verb

so here’s where the verb-to-qualifier
thing makes such a difference
to the speaker to the audience:

noun verb/‘it broke’

see here ‘broke’ is a verb
there is no doubt that a thing
once whole broke and that kinda sounds like the end of that story like my pencil broke ok toss that shit let’s get a new one the lamp broke trash that pos and let’s go to target

noun verb qualifier/‘it is/was broken’

awwwwwwwww shiyutsee this is something
we can work with

there’s something about the language here that indicates what is or was broken can and will be or is already again whole. this isn’t the end of the story.

status is damn near always temporary. noun verb qualifier indicating status/i am tired/i am hungry/i am wearing a blue shirt/i am depressed/i need to poop

if the status of one is broken/brokenness, that status can and will be changed. which is why the author would argue that the noun qualified as broken never actually broke.

like i dunno maybe just go frisbee golfing or something instead

have you ever gone to a white nationalist rally and later found your face plastered all over social media? have you ever lost your job, friends and family, or enrollment in college because pictures of you showed up on one too many news feeds?

black and white footage of man closing his closet of swastika ladened regalia. He turns to see wife/mom/girlfriend/employer holding tablet/smartphone with a picture of the same man holding a torch. 

man breaks fourth wall by making knowing look to the camera and solemnly nodding

well do i have a solution for you!

shot goes to color, man’s face beams with anticipation

if you’re one of the hundreds of men facing the unfortunate circumstances of being doxxed

fine print appears at bottom of screen: doxxed – Having private information or identification published publicly, which is totally fine when we publish the home addresses of Jews in the media but really seems unfair when it happens to nazis/klan members 

for attending a white nationalist rally, there’s an easy and permanent solution so that you never have to worry about finding another job as a social pariah or explaining to those in your community ‘i’m not racist, i’m prideful.’

bright, colorful footage of healthy white men doing normal things like tying their shoes, walking into office buildings, sitting on park benches, not getting pulled over for minor traffic offenses, accompanied by uplifting soft-rock

you can avoid doxxing with one easy step!

  1. don’t be a god dammed idiot racist and don’t go to fucking white nationalist rallies, you dumb fucks, good god what is wrong with you people

and, for following step number one, i’ll even throw in a bonus step at no extra cost!

2.  furreal, y’all, let’s think about how much harder you have to work to be in a situation where you can be doxxed as opposed to not being doxxed:

  • you have to be a white nationalist
  • you have to find a rally to attend
  • you have to plan transportation. am i driving? should i rent a car? carpool? bus? train? ahhhh, shit, i should have planned this earlier – airfare is crazy expensive right now!
  • you have to do laundry and pack shit. like seriously, you have to get a suitcase out of your attic or closet and make sure you’ve got all of your toiletries and did i bring contact solution god dammit i forgot ugh i’ll just get some at a cvs on the way toothbrush any medications you’re taking all of that hair gel for your nazi hairdo and your laptop your laptop charger your phone charger and mother fucker i forgot a wall adapter for the usb i’ll also get that at cvs
  • you gotta figure out lodging. you have to take the time to look up hotel rooms and compare prices and like seriously on the way to your nazi sleepover you have to decide do i want the room with two queen beds or the king and a sleeper i dunno wilhelm do you feel ok on the sleeper or should we get two queen beds
  • you have to get someone to dog sit
  • you have to take the time to actually travel to the rally and meet up with your friends and probably get something to eat because you’re hungry
  • you have to attend the rally and carry a tiki torch and be kinda close to the front of the march
  • you have to attend the daytime rally and march down the streets with other nazis and klansfolk


do you see how much work you actually had to put into being in a situation where your idiot face could end up in your boss’s facebook feed? or for people to want to figure out who you are and contact literally any responsible adult within your sphere of existence?

just don’t be racist idiots.

just stay home. take up quilting. volunteer somewhere. try a bunch of different donut shops and then compare your experience with that of others.

just don’t be racist idiots.


life matters

life matters.

subject: life

verb: matters

whenever i see characters on tv or in movies submerged under water, i instinctively hold my breath for the majority of the scene (which may explain why i blacked out when trying to watch spongebob). i won’t realize i’m doing it until i get light headed – that’s how natural it is for my body to fight to live.

life matters. if you are in a burning building, how quickly do you exit? during severe weather, are you walking the dog or seeking shelter? if a car skids off the road in front of you, do you stop to help or at least mumble ‘i hope they’re ok?’

our initial instinct is to preserve and defend life – our own and of others. it can show in parents staring at the baby monitor even though everything is fine, the fact that life preservers dot the sides of boats and pools, and our own fight or flight response.


check it – sports do not matter. they don’t. we call them ‘games’ and the verb associated with them is ‘play.’ sports are an escape – a valuable one, a place where we can learn about and express ourselves through our own competition or being a fan.

sports bring together a nation – the biggest churches on sundays are nfl stadiums, where gladiators and the shield are worshiped (or booed). but the games themselves do not matter at all not one bit. everyone goes home once the clock hits zero.

life is what matters.

a symbol is meaningless if it cannot be understood (i mean, that’s why it’s important to be able to read, ya know?) or if it does not represent the audience.

the greatness of this nation, in principle, is that it is built to be open to interpretation. that is why we are, in theory, a free people, why speech and religion and the press are protected for all citizens.

so we can say and show what we think, feel, and believe.

i’m beyond tired of waking up to the news of another unarmed or unaggressive black man being shot by officers sworn to protect and serve. and i’m damn sure a lot of other people are, too.

there is no ‘but’ or ‘yeah, ok, but what about ______’ in this place.

life matters, period. the life of people and of person. colin kaepernick kneels because he believes life matters and believes, urgently, an earnest and paradigm altering conversation must take place.

considering i’m a middle class white dude, and *i* get nervous imagining myself kneeling during the anthem at an nc state game and the repercussions i might bring upon myself, i see kaepernick as one of the bravest living men in our nation.

he threatened his job security (he’s a backup and nfl contracts are not guaranteed – he could have been immediately cut and blackballed, for all he knew), his safety (he is receiving death threats) and drawing the ire of police sworn to protect (who have threatened not to provide off duty officers to provide security at games until he stands for the anthem).

love is love and love is courageous when love corrects instead of standing idly by. a family that has an intervention for an alcoholic does not hate that person – there is so much love that there is willingness to sacrifice comfort now for a greater

wait for it




in the future.

kaepernick is a patriot because he stands for life for his people and does not cower. kinda sounds like the dudes who threw all that tea into boston harbor because they weren’t represented.

i, too, will kneel, and no, that act unto itself will change nothing, but it will also open up conversations and, honestly, it will just help me sleep a little better to have expressed what i believe as opposed to what others think i should believe and do.

typed shirtless on my porch

i need to water my marigold. often i forget to do so.

i don’t have a watering can, so i use large pink plastic cups that scarlett picked out at the dollar store.

my freckles show up in the sun.

i hope no one gets shot, today.

i keep hearing scarlett’s laughter in my head from yesterday when i played with her on the swings.

her laugh is sharp and voluminous and wonderfully unending. her blue eyes wide and sweet

i hope no scarlett’s lose their mommies or daddies, today. and i hope more people get to hear laughter

sweet and genuine and as-of-yet untouched by malice

than sirens and oh god whys