be brave.

when you walk into that classroom tomorrow

be brave. there is a reason you are in that room.

every single student you will meet

from your first day until your very last

needs you. and the ones who seem like they

don’t are the ones who need you the most.

be brave. there is a reason you are in that room.

trust your gut, make eye contact, smile a lot

and be who you already are – the teacher

those students need because

there is a reason you are in that room.

the watched pot theory

perhaps one of the most surprising truths of this world, and one i apparently refuse to learn, is the near-impossibility to find what it is i actively seek.

the whole ‘a watched pot never boils’ idea (which is a lie.  it just takes a while and makes me really antsy), ya know?

i’m a pro when it comes to finding four-leaf clovers.  come spring, when the most charming of weeds creeps over the sidewalk in my front yard, it’s nearly impossible for me to walk outside for more than a few minutes without seeing one.

but the thing is,

i see them when i don’t mean to.  i’ll casually look down mid-conversation or mid-stride and spot a four-leaf clover, snatch it up, present it most properly to my sweet wife, who will then casually ball it up and drop it the moment i forget i handed it to her.

if i go looking for four-leaf clovers, however,

i cannot find them. Continue reading