i believe that the lie
most often told to
ourselves is i don’t
know almost always we
do know we just do
not know how to say
whatever it is we know
or yet how to find
what it is that we know
or feel comfortable
expressing or willing
to deal with the
discomfort of thought
stirring up dust in
rooms we have learned
to avoid

excellence and uh-oh

Absolute Greatness

this has near nothing to do with my post. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ever notice how irritating rhetorical questions are to start a blog post?

* * *

i have noticed a truth about me that i think translates to us.

that truth, friends, is the shared border of ‘excellence’ and ‘uh-oh’ and how often it seems that greatness requires a balancing act on this line.

* * *

perhaps, for the purpose of this post, i should define ‘greatness’, because i don’t want to sound like i’m just calling myself great over and over.

joel’s definition of greatness:  exceeding near everyone’s expectations in a given situation, especially one’s own.  challenging others to be great, providing them with the tools and confidence to be great in their own right, and inspiring them (or oneself) to act.

greatness is not just the spark that kindles a fire – in that case, the ground has been cleared and the wood is stacked and waiting, expectantly, to burn.  and let’s not dismiss the joy or fulfillment of kindling flames to life . . . it’s just that greatness isn’t always needed to light an eager fire.

greatness says, ‘you need to clear this ground so that we may build a fire.’


greatness can answer that question. Continue reading