to my scarlet(t) fox,

i just love my little girl.

i love her laugh

i love her eyes

i love how her face becomes a mixture of

mashed potatoes and popeye

when she is overjoyed to see me.

i love that she hits things as a sign of affection

and interest

i love that she needs to touch thisthisandthis

and maybe this

and this too and

no darlin’ those are scissors.

i love how she drops her chin

and throws that right eyebrow up

when we share a joke.

i love that she made me

more of me

i love how she loves me

and i miss her when she goes to sleep


i wish i could stay home with her every single day.

to my scarlet(t) fox,

i love you.

yes, i am sure.

yes, those two bottom teeth are adorable.

yes, i cannot wait to wake up and see you before i go to work.

i love you good morning good night,

i love you,



‘oh – there goes dad – i’ll get the wet-dry vac’

love looks like
a father of a father
who suddenly no longer smells of cigarettes
melting into the living room carpet
his laughter alive and intermingling
with chirps and grinning gurgles
of his baby daughter, grand.

media, social, and the author

‘oh, babies are great except when they’re horrible mine had a hard time doing _____ and i bet yours will too have you been watching for milestones you really should good luck what a baby is it a little heavy/not heavy enough are you sure you’re feeding it correctly what a cute boy girl it, just wait until it starts _____ing and then life really gets fun and i mean horrible good luck!’

* * *

‘i realize there are human beings who are hungry and sick and dying but my cat has been trying to get into med school for years please help my family is suffering from the devastating loss of our canary for the last six years i remember him he was a bird i don’t know how we’ll recover.’

* * *

‘this new diet i have tried that involves limiting my intake to left handed green meats and beans handled only by children ages 6-8 isn’t really working for some reason no i haven’t tried eating reasonably and exercising but i did make a smoothie rich in antioxidants and other expensive foodstuffs goat cheese.’

* * *

‘happy birthday.’

* * *

*posts status update, stares at ‘notifications’ button, paces the room cursing himself for being such a fool, sees a bright red ‘1’ pop up, sweet relief, the game continues.*



‘i might be rich, but it isn’t like i suddenly forgot eleventh grade.’

if i were a wealthy eskimo

iñupiat, to be exact

who fell into new money

when my lucky numbers matched,

i’d throw a wild party.

i would have my ice imported

from richmond, via train

and my salmon shipped from sweden

fished from landlocked lake vänern.

i would wear london’s finest furs

tailored by mayfair, sent through air

and my shoes the softest leather

cobbled in buenos aires.

i would buy a yellow rolls

 and refer to others as ‘old sport’

because even new wealthy iñupiat

can be be fans of classic american literature.